HORSE HOLIDAY Organization & Connections
ST-Quantum Horsemanship'
Higher Communication, Spirituality, Personal Growth, and healing -for Mind-Body & Soul.
  --for Mind-Body Health, Wellness & Healing -with horses!
Some call it medicine --We call it 'God's Gift'

The Mind-Body Connection --Horse and Human -- A Spiritual Journey!  SEE-My Prayer!  
Our Commitment --is to Raise
Awareness for 2015       New Beginnings

BASIC DESCRIPTION of ST-Quantum Horsemanship --new!      Tribute to My Beau Lyncho 6-18-2004 memories  break from city life 

Memories!  --our family 1995  Rose's unbelievable story of how this all came about --is starting to unfold.

PLEASE VIEW:  Observations from a NY Counselor -about his client who came to us!
Soft Touch Quantum -HOME PAGE!   Alldescript.html pages currently being edited --badly needed!  July 5, 2014
We are a Humanitarian Project --with horses.  NEW: WHISPERER --Horse AND Human
The question about FEES! --?  And OUR 5-WAY-WIN    SCOPE OF SUCCESS

Listening --with the Heart's VOICE!      Understand
March 15, 2015 --The OUTCOME from their SECRETS!
clip carisol <--CLICK HERE                We are COMMUNITY SERVICE [CS] ORIENTED     SC-BASED
Become sensitized to the Higher Spirit
Whisperer--horse or human
Some say we are 'Heaven Sent' --so many have told us.
--from the bible as I saw it!
Higher understanding and awareness
Initiation to the Spiritual Process --one level at a time.
We describe our Quantum Program
Basic Description of our Quantum Programs
12 Senses --not six
Chemical [MEDS] or spiritual healing
Believe in the Promise
Multi-dimensional grass-roots program
Mind-body-brain-spirit-connection changes lives & Riding

Where do the right answers come from?
Transfer of the Spirit -from horse to human

‘COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS’ –in Horsemanship and/or life itself!

The horse vs humanism or Humanity!
Human control issues
Altruistic Relationship Development

                      Beautiful Thank you

At Risk Youth
At-Risk Programs

Bridges to healing
Magic happens
--when a child meets a pony!
        AT-RISK Youth COMMENTS
     --from a Youth Program
--from two bright students
         --Grateful parent of hate-ridden boy.
    --Thanks from Autistic child ---signed YES for the first time--at Horse Holiday Org.
          Agoraphobia,"Put your money into the horses, they're doing you more good than I can!"
8 wks! (therapy twice wkly-3 yrs. 9 yr. old)         
UNIVERSAL Programs  --Getting MORE than expected!
Our Unique Programs --offered in many ways.  That's why we want to expand this work.
What and how it started.
The Love of my Big Horse who gave me STQ Horsemanship.
Email Rose for Possibilities
Study with Rose at the Barn --To EARN & Experience. Divine Communication
Our programs are different --and all with total purpose
We are a study of self-healing & human behavior
Self study and Healing  Save huge money for you
STQH --is an INCLUSIVE Program --in many ways!
How and why of our Programs
Safety & Survival Program
Potential weekend retreat with Rose at the Barn
We are a Humanitarian Project
Discovery Program --when you need more personal time to get through your issues.
                   Teachers  --Teaching and learning <--RESERVED for our next inclusion being HHC --soon!
            Are the actual HOW-TO programs --on the website --NO!  You MUST go through Rose at the Barn --to learn!
Eliminate the fear of riding horses
"You are really under-rating your program.  It should be a college program in communication"  
                                                            Psychologist Linda D. 1982
            "This is truely a 'therapeutic' program, --not just a riding program."   B.S.C. --K. Rash ---
             "You are doing in 2 hours what we could not do in 6 months!"  Case Manager C Miley
             Scope of success           

From 'Rose at the Barn'--
My hopes for our HH work, being like no other, expands to other parts of the country --and beyond!
It is now my job to find those individuals whose interest --is far beyond income or prestige.
I must give our process --to those who have sincere heart-felt interest & concerns
--to simply help others --with our

Fresh Start--
A Universl Riding Program
Fresh Start 1
.--New testimony after quick session.
Fresh Start 2.
--Introduction to self
Fresh Start 3.
Overview of four classes
Fresh Start 4.
-Changes lives
Fresh Start 5.
-age 9-90
Fresh Start 6.
-even if you think you can't ride --maybe you can!
Fresh Start 7.
-clinic for learning --even team-building/corporate leadership
Fresh Start 8.
Fresh Start 9.
-Michelle testimony about 5-day FS program
Fresh Start -
Clinics for learning--Team-Building or Leadership
       Fresh Start COMMENTS
          From NE-OHIO
          Workshop Comments --Fresh Start
          THANK YOU FROM DYNAMIC student
          Two bright youth --first class comments
          Training --from first session as possible alternative inclusion
          MORE THANKS --from a woman who thought riding was imposible for her.
          FS Rider Comments
          Horse Sense and Sensibility
Leanne Stevenson
--From AU.--testimonies/COMMENTS
             Day 1 of 3.

             Day 2 of 3.
             Day 3 of 3.
SECOND VISIT --to McClure, PA. --20 more days --as requested by Rose!
                                     Leanne's difficulties about Mighty Moe.
                                     Leanne's JOURNEY--2nd trip --with her
                                     Leanne's last day & ride before leaving.
--trip #2.
                                             COMMENT --FROM Hubby Chris Stevenson Jan. 9, 2009 --after second trip.
                                     October 20 -2012 comment 
AHAH! Gotcha--:)
 THIRD VISIT --WITH hubby Chris,
with filming & movie equipment --for another week.   
                                     Leanne's testimony from AU --Aug 12, 2008
                                     Leanne COMMENT October 2008
                                     Feb 2, 2010 THIRD VISIT--
COMMENT from Leanne
                                     Leanne --EMAIL COMMENTS to Rose
                                         --------------Leanne's testimony
                                      The others! [rose]
      coming soon!  --?                      

Rachael M. --from Mass.--soon!
Alicia--from PA.
        Kate-with MS--From PA.
        Michelle C.

  --Our healing Process --Neurological stimulation promotes healing--and we sure do that!

Healing with horses --NOT PILLS!
Healing just comes with Horse Holiday Organization
Chemical or Spiritual Healing--?
We are Integrated --helpful for you in many ways
Horse Sense & Sensibility
You are NOT alone --with your issues.
Need Help?
Grief relief
Kizzy and that little girl --must see!
More on healing through horsemanship
--brain injury

Transference of Spirit from horse to human
Happiness is finding a lifetime friend!
Kate's battle with MS conquered with riding.
More to healing tan pills
To be transformed
Psychological issues and Be-Attirudes
Therapeutic Workshops to introduce our programs
You can FEEL the healing at Horse Holiday Org
Like Osmosis --healing --comes from within
Lives Changed --1.
Lives Changed --2.
Lives Changed --3
Lives Changed --4.
Lives Changed --5.
Lives Changed --6.
                Grateful parents of hate-ridden son.

                           Parkinson's Disease --Relief!
                           Chronic Pain from MS --Relieved  [--by Kate]
                           Kate's MS Testimony after riding. [Year-end]
Unexpected letter of thanks
 MORE THANKS from woman who thought she would never ride a horse. 
                   From 'Rose at the Barn'--
My hopes for our HH work, being like no other, expands to other parts of the country --and beyond!
It is now my job to find those individuals whose interest --is far beyond income or prestige.
I must give our process --to those who have sincere heart-felt interest & concerns
--to simply help others --with our 5-WAY-WIN.
MENTAL-HEALTH  from our program
The Personal Search -to find one's self! 
Explore your needs --starting with Soft Touch Horsemanship
The Mind-Body-Brain Connection --is a cutting-edge program.
Mental Health stigmas and diagnosis can hurt you.  --And they can be wrong!
MORE on the Mind-Body-Brain Connection  
Horses help others to help themselves -with 'Horse Sense & Sensibility'  
Therapist overview of potential inclusion with our work --she had to say NO!
Workshop Overview --for psychologists--to see how we can help with your clients  
Personal benefits with outcomes  --when realization becomes amusing!
Humor is healing -
-and a great part of our work --so let's enjoy this process
The Blind-eye!
Horse Sense & Sensibility--Program Overview
Prescription drug mismanagement
            Mental Health COMMENTS:
                 Training Comments after first half of session ONE

                 Thanks from Mental Health Programs
                 A Beautiful THANK YOU
                 Michelle's testimony --after a week with Rose  
                                                    Get the right answers, and --Yes --we have many more pages to include --ASAP!

The Horse & Riding --for Healing
Mind-Body Stress can affect riding a horse --in many ways!
Learning to Learn --how to ride!
Ride with Feel--not intellect.
Thoughts affecting learning how to ride a horse
Are you too old to start riding--?
More to healing than expected --from riding with Rose and her program
Study the family of the horse and learn:

Traditional VS Natural Horsemanship
Study the horse without human ego
Therapeutic workshops to introduce our programs --to change a life!
Listening to the horses
Soft Hands for Horsemanship
Sensitive Mind-Body Conditioning
-for awkward bodies
Breaking through
Ride--like you are dancing on a rainbow. from someone who thought that was impossible!
Quantum Horsemanship Benefits 
Misconceptions about riding horses
The 'Gifts of the natural Horse'
--waiting to help us!
Horse Communication and the natural mind
Nothing mechanical with riding horses
Interference between horse & rider --the joy of riding
Find your-self!
Missing Link in Riding Programs
Positive energy --positive riding
Recognize your riding stress
Body Language
More sense with horse sense
Healing through horses--not pills
Healing comes to all-with Horse Holiday Org
Horse and Humanship --
will teach you
Transferance of the Spirit -from horse to human                                                           

'Sixth Sense' Riding  --WHO & WHAT IS IT?  HOW DO I FIND IT?

Perceptions between two riding teachers [Leanne & Rose]

Intuitive riding--Our Phase 12 -Our-Non-thought --just being --naturally, so our essence --is our message.  Horses KNOW this!

Real Balance --total
Growth & New Directions --for riding programs
FOUR PERSONAL PHASES for healing with horses
              Riding Program COMMENTS
                      Comments from two young students Partial class

 A mom's testimony about daughter's lessons
                      Letter received --about unexpected healing
                      Dynamics of our 'Fresh Start'
MIND-BODY-&-SOUL  emotions/denied memories/etc   MY VISION
The horse vs humanism
More on mind-body-brain-spirit connection
The Search -to find one's self!
Mind-stress also for teachers
Absorbing thought & truth --like OSMOSIS!
Emotional release
Emotional Exhaustion

Meeting my first NDE --Leanne
                Observations of a New York Psychologist
--whose client we had for a full week.
                Kate n Cheryl --Unexpected healing

                           Unexpected Outcomes  remembering how to walk!
STRESS & SOLUTIONS       Stress needs an emotional release -and we can help
DESTRESS yourself --by learning our natural horsemanship
Grass Root Organization --for stress
Rider Stress

Combat Stress
What symptoms can stress cause?
Symptoms we have helped eliminate
Stress Recognitiom & Release
Problem Resolution
            Stress & Solutions --COMMENTS
             A Beautiful thank you letter --from traveling nurse.

             GRIEF-RELIEF --two years after husband's death.
             Grief after loosing his wife.
             THANKS from Scott C.
             Kate's comment
on why and how Horse Holiday Programs are DIFFERENT!

Spirit within horsemanship
To be transformed
Transference of spirit from horse to human VS
Organizational Chart for STQ-Horsemanship
Reaching for truth & understanding --noone to talk to.
REFLECTIONS --on looking back
My Prayer --from a long time ago!
STUDY --with Rose at the Barn
Listening and hearing words not spoken
Our Study
--Part TWO
Silent Faith -1995

QUESTIONS about Rose's work

The OUTCOMES of our study about the horses secrets!
Horses have been a major impact on my life
My life with horses  --what was to what is.
Natural horses have been my teachers for very long time
There is a Magic to horses
Horse Communicator
Lifetime with horses
Rose found her calling --in 1990.
Rose's study
Seasons of reasoning
Rose's equestrian study! --a little different.
Life Story --in a nutshell
The topic of labels or labelling.
How do we stay on that cutting edge  --Been so for quite some time.  Told we are just ahead of our time...
      Why clients come to Rose
          Labelled --Consultant for horse & Rider
-- someone who has had a near death experience
 Need a consultant?

History of STQH in Central Pa thru 2013--2015   --soon!
Our Commitment --is to Raise Awareness.


Question of fees--?


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  1. 'Fresh Start' --Our 'Base Program' --for integrated horsemanship, and life change.

  2.  Soft touch horsemanship --Riding's Safety & Survival Program --plus extended horsemanship

  3. 'STQuantumhorsemanship' --Higher Connections, Spirituality --the basis for healing

  4. --The results of 'STQ'--including personal healing

  5. --Unspoken words heard by founder --through sensitivity --miracles, and a near death experience  [NDE] 

  6. 'Rose at the Barn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!


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