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The question:

What do you mean by 'Quantum' Horsemanship?

It has always been very difficult or near impossible to describe or explain, however --I knew internally, and I always ask why our clients could not explain their experience with us -other than saying --"it's intangible"!  I am finally understanding this dilemma myself, and will try to explain.

It's 'Trans-Personal Horsemanship'

--It's the study of SELF when riding or just being with the horse!  It involves the NON-PHYSICAL connections with the horse, and how it affects the human mind and behavior --ALL WRAPPED UP --within our programs!

  • Science describes the physical! 

  • Spirit represents the 'field' of the non-physical!

  • Human control issues are explainable --but the spirit is indescribable!

You will know that you know something --however, to describe what you have learned –is difficult.

I am beginning to see how difficult it is to explain truth, because there is nothing else to tell.  It IS what it IS!


A couple and their daughter came to me. 

 I asked them to tell someone else what we do in our program.  She could not describe what she experienced.  I am beginning to believe that human description of truth is very difficult. 


E-motions [mind] are challenged to not step into this description of truth --so there is nothing to express other than what actually is!

            This is so --also on the ethereal or spiritual levels as well --those experiences within that FIELD of light, ever searching for the right words to express the overwhelming love that is consumed within that field of light So, when someone says there are no words to describe what we do here, and they are at a loss to describe our work, --what can we say about what really happens here?

Everyone will say: "It simply must be experienced"!

That is what I have to say also! Then, you too will know, and you will know that you know!  Yet –try to describe it, there is difficulty.  This is very interesting!

They just say our work is INTANGIBLE!

IN FACT, it's the spiritual experience --an evolving understanding -that words cannot describe --because IT IS of SPIRIT!  That --is why they call our work intangible!


A 'you-tube' interview with Delores Cannon, was like having a mom speak with me.  I had no one to speak with during my life, especially at this deeper level concerning my work.  Delores gave me another overview. 

THANK YOU Delores!

        Delores Cannon’s [u-tube] description of frequencies --parallels my explanation of the Personal Phases that people go through!  Each Phase takes you to another LEVEL of understanding and experience, and that is also within our programs.

I feel like I carry people --while they are becoming aware of what's next --so to speak, and only when they are ready for it.

When that ‘Quantum’ Level –or- Phase is met –there are NO WORDS to describe the experience. 

You are at face with absolute truth, the pure essence [or the frequency] of ‘Absolute Truth’, of knowing who and ‘what we were born to be’.

Delores’s words are helping me to realize my work --the how & why of frequencies!

It’s as if Delores Cannon –is 1000 years old, and very much like a mom to me, and I feel --under that analogy --I must be about 500 yrs. old.

Delores’s ET explanations are also somewhat familiar to my thought process of no negativity and learning from one another --of being observed and helped by supreme intelligence –so to speak.  And what do humans do to them. [The ET -so to speak.] They [our humans] kill, capture, control and dissect them.  --This is the horror of what FEAR can do to people.  [HMMM!  Think ISIS--?]

To observe FEAR is in the human experience, and how we destroy, use or abuse what we know nothing about! It's that fear of the unknown! And what about how horses were treated by those who did not understand them --that started --so many years ago--?

The same thing happened with the natural horse, and how that magnificent animal was approached, captured and wrangled down to destroy their misunderstood strength and spirit.  This IS and was corrupt, and that corruption still exists in this current world.  We should be ashamed of ourselves!

            This has become part of our learning and teaching experiences --learning to look deeper into other beings, to find truth, and to meet on common ground -–if we can. 


Quantum understanding can also be found --in association with the 'natural horse' --unaffected by human greed, abuse etc.

Un-educated, unknowing human beings exist --while being ignorant of what really is. 

 Many humans do not know, care, or desire learning about what they know nothing about. 

In fact they choose or prefer fear --simply because they do not know any better!


We recognize and work with the results of fear, and that usually starts with STRESS!

Get rid of stress and those treatable symptoms disappear!  The same for the PAIN that people experience. We get our clients to 'a place of release and comfort'.  This gives them a much better foundation to rise up from, being what, where, and HOW they believe, or, as related to HOW they originally BELIEVED, with all that pain included! 

We then, get clients to --'that place of contentment' –almost like being in the womb, silent and floating, --remembering that feeling of being loved and protected!

 The essence of that Special Place creates or reminds us of birthing as a new being. 

This re-birthing is pure, clean and clear of negativity, because THERE IS NO NEGATIVITY –at BIRTH!  There is only the BURSTING of new energy –experienced! 

What a beautiful comprehension and remembrance!

Can anyone get another person to this place--?  They must have some personal experience for understanding and authentic spirituality to recognize and feel what's happening.

It has been interesting what comes out now [for wording here] –when I have had NO ONE to speak with --about what is so deep inside, yet --so expressed in my work. 

Reviewing Delores’s video, I feel like I am finally --in the company I have craved --for most of my life.  Rose


  Healing takes place –when one can allow the above to happen, by releasing different beliefs, those old levels, layers, phases and beliefs  --one at a time!

             The above has been the platform for Horse Holiday's healing sessions –without knowing! 

Our client’s success speaks for itself, and word-of-mouth is the best platform for those seeking our work.


 We also speak of inheriting family stress that could be passed down.  Children experience the negative E-motions of their families, and in that childlike manner--they try to resolve what has been wrong from years ago -–without knowing why. 

This need is due to the absolute love for the truth inherited by the ‘birthing of this life’ –in the first place. 

            This desire to help is contagious, and sticks to us like glue --therefore, almost like becoming an E-motion –that can bring us down. That negativity we inherited came from the energies we were born into, even the absorbed energies of the mother’s experiences, during gestation.  Of course this is not understood by the fetus. However --it could be absorbed --like osmosis!  That eventually is experienced as absorbed E-motions --from the memories in the womb.  At least --that's what I feel.

            Conflicts within the womb experience can be the base for unwanted human behavior –by acting out without understanding why.

     Part of healing takes place –when the lives of the parents/parents etc. are explored and absorbed at a deeper level –so to understand in such a way that the individual can experience a release of those previous feelings from this E-motional standpoint. 

 This has become another platform or table to stand on, and to seek understanding from.           

This opportunity gives forgiveness --another door of escape -–from what has been unknowingly carried, even from the womb.

Healing is a process!  Seeking understanding is always the challenge!

Accepting accountability is no longer a burden when realization comes --that they had nothing to do with it, even if they later inspired or instigated a new family problem.

  Once, accountability is placed into its proper filing system other than self –-walking away from past issues and acquired stress that we may have claimed through inheritance --we can finally release, and let go of past trauma.

 The end of this process shows up and is then completed!


You CAN BECOME Clean and Clear of conscious mind-body-brain ‘attachments and/or conflicts –that have affected our human energy, and caused illness, disease or pain!

Your new inheritance will be personal freedom!

Remember that you were born to be --a being of pure love and absolute joy!

 I have said for a long time: 

‘I will continue to do what I do –as long as my simple needs are met’.

 ALSO exchange! That means to give and --I am always re-learning --that it's okay to receive.

 In ESSENCE –what else is important?

Lately I recognize that for many years, I have been volunteering all this work –to feel compatible/comfortable with my life purpose.  Again –what else is there –that is important?

             I see the overwhelming conflicts on earth beginning to shake loose it’s grip on humanity. We are and have been ‘under-way’ to a new form of life and living.  Government issues are taking more consistency toward taking care of people –rather than instigating hate or fighting.  Yet --Politics is a game of creating the problems to argue over --therefore so they can retain their very well-paid jobs.  Isn't it TIME they work at really improving this country --rather than finding obscure ways to keep their jobs???

In 2012-2013 I PRAY that humans become more important than business income or personal profit.

            Humanity is in the corrective stages. Touch and love are becoming okay again, not so sexually intimidating, however sex has become comparable to game --not love!.  Once again, touch is becoming more acceptable. Love is becoming more understood, accepted and desired, without all the shame that has been attached to want, need and desire.

             We are finally correcting bad behavior, and creating a better world.

The earth's past life –is well on it’s way to completion and recovery!

We can get back to what was, always is --the human desire to live in paradise. 

Those –yet to understand will soon be weaned from the old process of not knowing there IS a HIGHER TRUTH –to soon know what is ahead for us all!

I anxiously wait, FOR I do see progress --and it IS VERY exciting --in spite of ISIS!

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Also REMEMBER --water has memory!

We have learned to work with water's memory, the energy and information we recognize and accept in our work.

Human Energy & balancing are vital to healing--and that's the transforming element for our healing success!


See comments from our sessions with a woman who had pain from MS!   [her healing]

Today we found this new explanation to understanding our work!  June 4, 2013



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