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Looking ahead at my life's work FOR projections from today FORWARD!

--January 18, 2016!

OVERVIEW:  My life studies began from birth, being born a twin less-twin. Knowing something was always missing --not known until I was in my 40's.  I had an unborn brother who I saw in my visions, waiting to be recognized and named.  I named him Gregory Jay, after Mr. J. who was like a dad to me, and I never saw him again. I know he is with me always.

That miracle in the cedar trees at age 7 let me know 'I AM A CHILD OF GOD', and I would know Him as my real Father.

The NDE at age 17, I was 'Gifted' with SENSITIVITY and AWARENESS!

1972, when starting in the business of riding lessons, then, boarding horses, trail-rides, training, and working at two training farms, plus the race track, I decided that the 'business of horses' --was NOT FOR ME!

I realized by teaching riding that the personally misunderstood inner conflicts in a students life, were acting as blocks to hold them back from higher communication and understanding the true nature of the horse --as well as within themselves.  Then, I started studying stress, realizing the medical profession only treated the 'symptoms' of stress.  My study was ahead of it's time, and I was leading the way to eliminating to the causes behind the stress that held a student back, therefore freeing them to live better lives --with a higher understanding of self and the internal challenges, not receiving the proper help to overcome their life situations.

I was always searching for what was missing in understanding [the misunderstood horse], to find the way to help them both, horse & human. Trying to understand my life --as it was gifted to me, seemed to be different from what I was seeing in the world I was living in, and I decided I did not want to live in. At age 40 when I was trying to understand it all at a location I finally felt sent to-- because it was so quiet there, and I learned I could hear the non-audible, and see the non-visual.

My 'Personal  Search' [1980-'82] took me two years to complete, and I found that I passed 'The Test of Faith' when I actually saw my deceased mother and aunt who were there to greet and applaud me for graduating what I could not really understand at that time.  That was March 15, 1982, the Ides of March, when I intuitively knew 'that search' was completed. I found Faith, Works and Belief --100%, because I later found that I only half-believed.

During that time I found that by asking and praying "What do people need to hear", I was gifted the 'Fresh Start Riding Program' that started changing lives because of the inner studies of personal human behavior that became forefront, and healings that started to show themselves, in unique ways. Lives were changing!

The study of human behavior was shown to me by the many locations I was sent to, that were confusing and rewarding as I found that understanding why I was placed where I was sent --was to gain a deeper understanding of others, who become my personal training ground for my future work, that started becoming more recognized as we became a 501-C3 not for profit organization [1997-2012].  We were so different from the 'Systems' way and --their 'business tactics', that I was recognized as an outsider, and therefore lost several opportunities for that perfect location as a facility to help others --both horse & human.  There always seemed to be another motive.

I was non-conforming in every way --to become part of the 'systems' as they were presented to me, so I chose to do this alone so I could continue with what I felt were my 'Divinely Guided' options, so I walked away from almost everything to hear my personal HOW-TO's --to do what God intended for my life.

I became homeless after walking away from my 22 home raised horses,with the only way I could do that --being this was time they went to 'people's college' where 'they must now learn what 'the others' are like. Our connections were extravagant and they knew me well, as I have them.  Yet I was directed [by the Divine Source'] to document the program we were given in 1980-'82 --so that one day--this would be useful for those who did not understand our work.  They could finally become aware of why I decided to do as directed, with my assistance of course.  Our system and searching continued, and became the study of human behavior and awareness, versus the Systems Requirements and applications VS what we felt was simple 'Common Sense' for personal and ethical reasons --including healing!

Awareness, personal struggles, VS victimization --from how and what 'the others' wanted --to guiding my life with limited expectations and understandings, observing their behavior, lack and attempts to over-rule for their personal gain.  Recognizing inner conflicts as well as personal wants, needs and desires, like the conflicts in 'controlling others' vs their need to be loved themselves, became obvious in 2015.

In 2016 I am getting back to where it all started --that being the need to help others understand the respect for naturalness often ignored.

How can I do all this work to help both horse & human?

 By helping them understand 'The Spirit Within'

from many unrealized questions they just haven't known to ask?


My memory goes back to a Dressage Rider I saw at Tollgate horse facility, in Belair Maryland, when I saw this 'Divine Rider' with her beautifully responsive horse who had no idea how great she was.  I complimented her and it was greatly appreciated.  She later became the 'Top Dressage Rider' in Maryland. I wanted her to be our Prestigious example of what was possible. However her MAC computer did not allow her to even see our poor attempts at making a website.

SO, I have come back to --what is so vital to me, that being to again introduce:

The Mind-Body-and Spiritual connections between horse & rider, to become as ONE,

as the PRIME DELICATE EXAMPLE of what is possible between horse & Rider.

The above rider is so poised, and compassionate with her horse who is totally respectful of this relationship, waiting for the next clue, so he could please her whims and fantasies for how they were both to work together in divine union.  Notice the horse's mental state, so willing and responsive to the rider's request. 

I used this photo for 'balance' in Mind-Body & Spirit even though the photo is a fraction OFF in their complete extension.


I recently added pages to my STQ website:  'The SCREW' and just yesterday --'DRESSAGE'.

I believe this is where I truly want to return to --from scratch to this higher searching for communication skills --in and from 'The Spirit Within' for that PRIME EXAMPLE of what is possible.  It shows in their performance, and I see that!

For that 'Missing Link' in riding, horsemanship, as well as in human behavior, to eliminate traumas etc.,

I now wish to become more available to help you:


I AM getting back to where it all started --that being the need for higher understanding, communication, and behavior, personally --as well as a helping you to becoming

'A Divine Rider'...

Rose at the Barn  --Always seeking answers --from a very long time ago!

It has ALL come together ---for our highest purpose! 

You --and that magnificent horse!

Always wanting to know more!    Looking up --for guidance always!

Always seeking understanding and guidance!

  I am available from S. Central Pa to northern Maryland --where it all began!

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