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2015   It's TIME for HIGH-LIGHTING  'OUR Special Stories'

Laura Mandel --who had leukemia got out of her hospital bed to visit us at our crab feast for her first time visit.  She always loved to ride horses, but could not continue due to her health.  She could not  evenget a scratch because the possible infection could kill her.  She made a promise to herself --to ride again, and to come back to us --to do so.

She loved Rocky our 14.2 gray Arabian stallion who I just started riding myself, and he was extremely sensitive and sensible as a mount.  I told her that after her trip back from the far east where she was gong for healing, she could ride him.  I became concerned that she might not make it back and one day I just surprised her and said she would ride him that day before she left for the far-east.  She was near tears.  Laura was one of the sweetest woman I have ever know.  She told me her feelings about life and living, and that even tin foil was a great gift where she was going because it was so impoverished there.  She was like an angel in human clothing, and she loved and looked forward this next visit. That day's ride was pure magic.


That day there was sleeting after the rain and previous snowfall, so our ride would sure be a simple one --with all the magic of the weather.  Laura was bundled up real good, and we went out through the Rock State Park in Jarrettsville, Maryland. t was really beautiful and of course I would take photos for her to remember this.

Laura caught a cold when she visited her folks in Florida on her way home to her hubby.  That developed quickly.  Laura dies March 15, 1982.

I had bundled several photos of Laura's rids, and mailed them to hi, so he would remember her visits to us.  Know that I just could not mail this one photo because it was somehow OFF and yet so special.

This one day I just knew that I had to take that photo to his home, and leave it there on his door.

 I received a call from her hubby Jay.  He told me that he was so depressed and sad that day because it was the one year anniversary of Laura's death when he got home and saw this last photo of Laura and Rocky --on his door,  He broke into tears as he was telling me this and we talked for more than half an hour as he was telling me how when Laura came home from riding with us on those several occassions it was as if she weren't sick at all.  The horses just lifted her spirit.

I know inmy geart that Laura had something to do with my delivering that last photo on that special day!

I also use that photo as our background photo for website, and include that here in THIS PAGE.  ENJOY!

A smaller version is here: when I find it!  SEE Laura's story


That little girl from Easter seals and Kizzyy

A photo tells a thousand words!

The love we have seen with and through our horses, and how they help people,  has been an awesome life's learning process.
When 'the others' do not see or know this, and/or do not care for anything other than satisfying their own wants and interests, way too often the horse is or becomes VICTIM to hardness and poor handling --due to stupid human expectation, wants and desires.
This adorable large pony --'Kizzee' [short for kiss me special] --after we left all the horses in 2000, became just another victim.
 I made that facility owner promise to take special care of him.  When our girl Nikki --stopped to see and even ride him,
she was almost in tears to tell me that Kizzie SHOOK --in fear!

This has been the toughest test for Rose to bear.   Knowing this would have caused me to go back --just to SAVE HIM--because he deserved so much more than he was getting.  I also felt that this was just part of 'a plan' so I would return --rather than to follow what God's path was for me.  I just had to TRUST that God WILL see to it that this would not last, and Kizzie would be freed.

This child --I will never forget, as I NEVER FORGET what my horses have taught me --about who they really are!
Kizzie only met this child on one other trip. When he 'heard her' --coming down the aisle, and he could not see her, --he pulled away from the child that was holding him --to greet this very special child, whose mom was trying to hold her back, not knowing what was actually happening.  Even now --this chokes me to tears, that so many are just so blamed ignorant of what I am trying to teach about these magnificent animals --who have won my heart.  Always remember that I had to raise my hands in prayer asking God --
'Show me how to do this'... I still beg for this answer! 2015


Janise: emotionally sensitive, bullied, ashamed of physical issues. Janise became self-empowered, proud, and in personal control.

 Janise exhibited the unrealized 'QUEEN OF COMEDY' --as yet to be discovered.


Clyde:  The sweetest of the sweet!  Kind, and generous of his ability to help others.  Clyde would ride his bike about a mile to help Rose and Horse Holiday --during the start-up in Hanover, during extremely difficult situations when Rose had it all to accomplish without the help she needed in the office and working to get Horse Holiday off the ground.  Clyde helped with the kids, horses, stalls, turn in and out.  He never asked for anything and treasured what thanks he received from everyone.  God Bless you Clyde --Always, Rose


Falcon Maze: --Bitterly abused by his trainer who was distraught that he pulled his head to the side when galloping. Trainer could not correct, so he galloped him 4 miles, wet and huffing, put him in a stall with two buckets of water, and hay, telling everyone to NOT open that door.  I approached him and we agreed that I would take the horse and work to get him trained to become an open jumper.  Three months later, trainer agreed to let me have him, because I said there was so much work to be done.  A year later, with no real response from the horse, I yanked him to a stop when lounging him, because he didn't seem to even hear me.  It was like a cold water splash on his face, as Isaw him actually 'WAKE-UP'.  After this, Falcon was looking at everything when we went out as if he saw things for the first time.  He was delighted and delightful!

The time came when I would try to find the right situstion for him.  I needed to sell him so he could move on in his life to be with someone special who would know how to work with him, and they had to be special --or NO WAY would they get him.  I passedup several who I would not even let them up on him.  Then, someone from NY was sent to me.  He wanted to asee me ride him.  We jumped and i was asked to jump 4" single rail, that we never did before. We always used a ground pole.  Falcon jumped that like a gazelle, and I knew, what he knew. The price should go up!  He asked if he could ride, and that man had the 'hands of silk' I always looked for.  I would sell Falcon to him for $500 less than what I was asking --a mere $3500. He was worth so much more, and we both knew that.  He promised to do well by him.

I was later informed after seeing Falcon back in Jarrettsville stable, that he was from Florida and was there with an injury.  Asking price $20,000.00.  Falcon had become a Grand Prix Show Jumper on the Florida Show Circuit.  He had been solf after 11 months of my first sale --for $40,000.00.  He was later sold for $75K.  Then the injury.

WhenI saw Falcon in the stall I asked if I could go in --before hearing that story.  I walked up to him after 7 years, saying his name as I stood by his shoulder.  He perked his ears --turned and put his nose against my cheek, pushing me into his neck.  He held me there for several seconds. I wept with joy.  He remembered me.

I was asked if I were angry that I never got any money from all this, and I always say that this horse gave me more than money can buy!

This association with Falcon proved to me that horses are so much like humans  --in that they only need someone to love them, care for them, and to treat them right.  They like humans can suffer deeply from emotional trauma, bullying and social abuse.  It may take time, yet it will be well worth the input to help them horse OR human.  They will show you if your time was worth it!  [No photos available]


Jill: A sad loss!  "Oh Rose, I so need to see those horses." after getting herself off of Lythium by personal control and breathing.  Sadly she could not get to us as we were soon relocating, and when things just got too tough, she pulled the trigger.  ---Why did this have to happen?

IN MEMORY of a beautiful young woman.  Always remembered!

May God Bless us all.


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The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill [a friend and writer]

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