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Unexpected Personal Growth & Healing-by knowing the natural horse and riding!




Overwhelming life story --in a nutshell!

I AM ‘Rose at the Barn’ [2015]

Now a young 74 yr. old woman who lived in 12'x12' room this past year to recover from the past 3 years.   I worked and studied horse & human behavior alone since a young age, started the horse business in '72 and hated it.  I was called a Whisperer, who wanted to help horse and human know each other better. 

In 1979 wanted to end it all because I couldn't understand some of what happened to me.  I learned
there was a veil over my eyes at birth.  My twin wasn't born.  A near death experience [NDE], at age 17 and several intense miracles that no one would believe, so I could tell no one.  I believed in my journey. 

Then, in 1980-82 –My searching became an intense battle to find God in my life, and my faith was tested to the extreme --a story in its own. 

I would pray "What do people need to hear?" and Fresh Start [FS] Program' was born as the innovative, multifaceted, humanitarian program that expanded to stress recognition, and reduction.  

Mission Statement: To know and understand the natural horse and riding, we better know, understand, and accept ourselves –as well as others.

In 1997 we were granted 501-C3, working with mental health, at risk youth.  And more.   We got to the cause –rather than treating the symptoms with medications.  We learned more than we should have.

We are different from other therapeutic riding programs that do not include actually learning to ride a horse.  We do, including the mind-body & soul experience, with our unique safety program that has been quite successful for all kind of clients --because it works!
I learned how some got their work recognized, without understanding, and some even tried copying.

Since our 501-C3 success from 1997-2000, include several very difficult relocations for our program in a very short time, to being rescued, taken to a prime facility being built, that took 6 more months of waiting  to occupy at completion.  No phone! No internet!  It seemed this would be our solution.  However, we learned we needed another solution. 

1999.  We were even sought after for work in New York as we were discovering the importance of what we developed concerning help for those medically overdosed.  This was now becoming more overwhelming, with another extreme learning process, as corruption destroyed that opportunity.

2000 Overwhelm took over with several waiting for me to hire them, when I never got paid myself.   No one knew our program.   I realized I had to teach this work starting with volunteer -plus the new consultants and/or riding coaches I would need to train.

That August, 2000 due to extreme overwhelm, I just walked away --leaving everything, becoming homeless for 2 years to seek God's directions and help.  God gave us the program in 1980-82.  I got my family of horses myself.  The decision of a lifetime.  Now my horses had to go to People College --without the love and understanding what they were born into.

I knew now --I had to document the program so others could learn the how-to do our work.  This took four years plus!

I moved to central Pa [alone] to be where there was mountain spring water.  No more fluoride and with clean air. I could complete this work there.  And, another relocation!

[2007] God’s natural healing started to surface, when I searched for higher understanding of my near death experience, now finding it was studied --world-wide.  Many lifetime internal questions were surfacing, and the answers were there.  My thought process and life views became recognized as different from the norm, and I saw this as a wakening process to another level of understanding and consciousness.  This was extremely helpful with getting my work more understood.

2012 --due to a program glitch, and forgetfulness on my part, we lost our 501-C3, and it became freeing from much of what I learned. 
God was now showing us that this facility was NOT where He wanted us.  Blocked springheads resurfaced, even under the stable wall, flooding the stalls.
This was all when I was deeply involved with USDA funding sources, the IRS --for possible reinstatement, a Grant writer, Lawyer, and Bucknell University's help with our business plan, and financials. Overload extreme!  Also acquiring two LLC for start-up preparation.   Would I even live through all this?

When I was so near emotional collapse, in Feb. 2012 we experienced the untimely death of our primary horse, 'Mighty Moe'.  This became an additional problem, for he couldn't be buried.  How could I continue, and at this time?

This was almost more than I could bear, and I was nearly totally broke-down, since I had all this to do by myself.  I sincerely considered ending it all.  My remaining four horses held me together.  I couldn't let them down.

I stayed with a local couple for ten days, trying to help them, and they helped me also.

I put everything in storage and later had to auction too much.  A friend of many years past [Pam Darden] insisted on saving my life --May of 2012.  I thank her for doing this.

It's hard for anyone to understand that I have dedicated my life --to seeing this to completion to help both horse & human, possibly --all around the world.  However, would I have the stamina to continue this inclusive work, not offered at most horse or riding facilities? Where do we belong? I am sure that God has some place --just waiting thee for us.  We should get clients world-wide!

Somehow God had His plan to hold me together from May, 2012
--until now, when I realize the shock and stress --with mourning, loosing 2 more horses with pain these past two years.  I now have only two horses. 

Since May of 2012, I have had almost 3 years to heal and I AM READY --to jump back into this journey and chore.

I am asking for that opportunity and/or another small facility, to grow from where we left off –and for teaching this program to those who qualify –and continue helping those in need, so all past years of hard work pay off for all those that follow.  We will do this now as a for-profit, still with lots of pro-bono, since my needs are met now.  I have so much to teach --including those who also want to do this work. or whomever --could possibly help pay program expenses as we move forward to another solution or location.

All I have ever wanted was to just have my needs met with our 5-Way-Win.  My God has always been in control, and I know this is a world-class project, by all the results previously experienced. 

What we gain now simply belongs to the program --which God has gifted us with!

It is time to start this the best way possible.  Remember, I have given my life to this Project --Graced by God with: Horse Holiday Org.
The Mind-Body & Soul Connections --horse & human.

I need your help --for 'The Common Good of ALL who remain' --to continue long after I am gone! 

 Please help while you still can!       Rose at the Barn


From 'Rose at the Barn'--FEB. 23, 2015
My hopes for our HH work, being like no other, expands to other parts of the country --and beyond!
It is now my job to find those individuals whose interest --is far beyond income or prestige.
I must give our process --to those who have sincere heart-felt interest & concerns
--to simply help others --with our 5-WAY-WIN.

"The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill   [a friend and writer]

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  6. 'Rose at the Barn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!

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