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 'The Search'

written in 1980-1982 --by the founder

Friends are people who need each other ---until

     they don't need each other anymore!

Acquaintances are people in passing,

     and in life’s passing -life’s experiences,

           friends and acquaintances -are our teachers,

                 who wait patiently -as we make our mistakes!

Our teachers wait, perhaps not in vain for the chosen few,

     who find themselves on the first step of really asking -from the heart,

           beyond their own comprehension,

                  for guidance and understanding. 

When we are ready for guidance, our teachers will grab our shoulders,

     and turn us towards our own answers.

           They point us to a mirror, and we are at face,

                   -with our own selves!  

Between the images -we find that special knowing,

     our only -finally found friend,

                    -is our spiritual self! 

This is not learned, it is earned!

It is a new level, one of grand understanding,

                  -a gift -to oversee..  

Intimidation from others is a game, of the two edged sword.

     This cannot hurt you, for they Imagine its strength.

            Its handler, will lash at you in a frenzy,

                     and you will not move!  

The sword that you carry at your side is TRUTH!

                     With this -you cannot be harmed.  

Learning of the forces in life, ---rekindles the Brightest Light.

             The truth becomes clear, as you can now recognize false worship.  

Love of life has a new meaning.

     The victory is just beyond, and is now part of you.

This understanding must come to you in its own time.

     And you can take the first step.

              Its as simple as taking a walk in the country, 

                                          ----or quietly riding a horse!


Note: the first whisperings writing --l982     * (answers, silently heard at a time of asking, "what do we need to know?” The founder started her personal in-depth search, dedicated one full year, that became two years --to finding the answers. Like many others, she suffered from much stress, misconception and turmoil. She questioned if she even wanted to live in this world --as it exists.  Her search proved valuable in helping herself, as well as others. She now sees this life on earth as a time to learn.  The search --took her from the horse-business to a personal-service business. That, led to Our Soft Touch Quantum Horsemanship -- and our Humanitarian Project.)

May God also Bless your life with humility, f-iveness, good health, laughter, much love, and the gift of understanding.

More 'Whisperings --due to the founder's search can be found at www.mindbodybrainspirit.-

"The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill  [a friend and writer]

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