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Unexpected Personal Growth & Healing-by knowing the natural horse and riding!




We uncover the 'Grass Root'

              of your Stress?

--without just concentrating on the symptoms! 

For riders or non-riders as well

Nikki re-visited us! She's on Promise at McClure, Pa. [top woods]

  Body tensions, emotional issues, or blocked energy due to stress, must be dealt with before becoming a better horseman, and a better, happier, more functional person.

The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed and confident the horse, and vs. vs.  Riding is more safe when communication is open, confident, direct, & honest.  Stressed riders send stressed messages to the horse.  

I have seen major improvements in individuals when just getting them to un-wind, releasing emotions, bound up inside of them.  Many riders came to us on medications, and by de-stressing them, their prescriptions were either de-creased or eliminated all-together --by their physicians/ therapists, psychologists, etc...

Riders found they were more comfortable with themselves, while also filling a void in their lives!

Riding a horse can be --a means to an end.

 Carry a caution flag to the purpose of your riding instructors.  Are you really ready for that particular riding class at this time. 

What is it --you really want?  Do you know?

We teach riding coaches to be considerate of the entire person, --the total being. 

Are you even ready --to take on the 'show challenge' to ride against others?  Gauge where you are, what your needs are, when searching for a teacher/instructor/or 'Coach'.  Instructors get paid more when you go to show also, isn't that so?  It would be good 'business' to get you to the horse shows fast, wouldn't it?  That's fine --if showing is your only goal, but is it?

 DOCTORS, PSYCHOLOGISTS etc. primarily treat the  'symptoms of stress' and do not, or cannot --in an office environment, get to the real root causes or behaviors of client stress.  Clients are on-edge, uncomfortable, or up-tight, in an office after sitting in the waiting room, expecting to talk about their issues.

When working in the barn atmosphere, without interruptions, clients are free to allow those emotions to 'come-up and out'.  Being in a stable environment allows what has been stuffed inside to come out naturally. It's like a 'child' locked in a room, behind a door.  They will peep out, and cautiously take only one small step at a time, then quickly retreat, if there is any indication of fear, caution, or discomfort.

HEALING takes time, trust, patience, tenderness and compassion, and so does riding.  It helps tremendously, to be with someone who has 'been there --done that', for a Coach full of 'life experience'. 

Book learned therapists, psychologists, etc only know a small part of the 'course in actual life', and we DO need each other to help clients fully.  That is why our 'life experience' Coaches are trained to work with the agencies.

Bad feelings and denied memories, mostly forgotten, really must surface --sooner or later.  We 'search' for meaning, purpose, guidance, comfort, and confidence!   Some people think they want to learn to ride a horse.  They're searching!

Inner emotions are negative energy --that can transfer to the energy of another, like the horse, when riding.  Words and facts are not necessary for discussion. This is seen, as the horse reflects, responds to an energy change. 

Past negative experiences get spontaneous recognition from an empathic individual (the horse), like magnets coming together.  

Blocking out the negatives --by only concentrating on the positive, will create new boundaries -when in positive company.  

The horse is different.  They do not dwell on negatives like people do.  They respond to the moment.  They simply handle their memories differently.  The horse does not have emotions that continually bother them --like humans who wear bad memories on their sleeves

 Just being with the horse, is an energy exchange. The life memories of horse and human, have unspoken cellular memory --that may need healing.  If you learn to connect with a horse and they connects with you, they will take better care of you, and you will both enjoy riding pleasures and journeys cross-country, once the cell memory similarities are met. 

Two beings, with a similar --possibly abusive past, can help each other to heal, by the compassion of shared body memories.

 Sometimes the total opposite is needed by a client.  Privacy is a privilege, one you have the right to hold dear!

When it comes to riding stress, it can appear like a mental or physical ball of 'steel wool' --that will be relaxed, and uncoiled, then dissolved --with the help of a good horse.


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