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               Understanding --'The screw'

The Missing Element for many Dressage Riders

Seeing --is not always believing!  WHY --because some just know better!

The Feelings in many horse/rider connections --may somehow be --OFF!

So WHY do riders not feel that? --What and where is that missing element?

Could it be --the hard work riders put their horses through?

So where does that come from?  There IS a why ----?

How does this vitally needed element --somehow get missed?

Why is it not understood?  How can this be changed?


Let's first look at a SCREW that was placed in wood --many years ago.  It's now time for change, so that screw must be replaced.  So we try to take a screw-driver, and start replacing that screw --right?

So, we twist and turn that screw-driver to start un-screwing that screw --that now seems firmly stuck in the wood.

This is somehow like trying to help a rider understand 'feel' --rather than doing as previously instructed or understood by --structured discipline.

So HOW do we change that? 

What about that 'something' that seems stuck, sorta like 'regulated implanted behavior' as their HOW-TO!

 But now, the problem is --that screw that does not want to unstick.  How do we teach that HOW-TO?

While pressuring that screw-driver to start turning that screw, we must take a split moment to realize that the screw could possibly break or snap off --with too much consistent pressure.  It could just SNAP OFF!

This is like a horse just worked too hard, pressured to the point of snapping a ligament.  Can you understand that comparison here?  So called 'excellent riders' may get so close to that breaking point they may be flirting with injury or disaster, maybe only momentarily small or short lived.  BUT, could that be changed in the first place with more understanding?

So where could that start?

When that screw stops turning and seems firmly stuck, we have a decision to make. What's next?

We can quit all together, or gamble with near trauma or tragedy at our fingers grasp --so what do we do now?

Perhaps there is that moment we must look IN --at what can become that needed answer!

How do we do that?

 Perhaps hesitation gives us the necessary introduction to asking BEYOND the immediate --into somewhere not quite understood --to get the necessary answers.

I would call that moment --a blessing!  We either get it --or we don't!


There's a Spiritual Connection with the horse --who just MIGHT BE WAITING for YOU --to simply 'GET IT'.

It's like that breathing split second --that MOMENT where 'FEEL' is the touch that explains the relationship between horse & human.  That opportunity to seek another solution --to unscrewing that screw --before it breaks off!

That 'moment of feel' expresses the divine relationship between beings.  You either get it --or you don't!

It's that silent language between horse & rider --that shows understanding, that language unspoken, that expresses working together with that special 'Spiritual Connection'--in behavior and refined ability that only shows itself --to the trained eye!

Know that my girls [students]when with me at a high level dressage clinic with Olympic Rider, saw the three horses where there was no real connection with their riders.  I saw it, they saw it, and the trainer saw it.  We all knew we would have to mount the horse ourselves to better understand what the horse was trying to express that was not understood by their riders.  Mount them --he did!  I was so very proud of this fact since they were with me less than a year --and they 'GOT IT'!

It's like that 'Amazing Grace' between beings.

It's a simple fact that is so hard to understand, when regulation and 'controlled behavior' are the only way we live and ride. They are missing the 'Grand Picture' --the wider view of what's available in our lives, so vital to higher consciousness. 

Know there IS another way to becoming that Ultimate 'Divine Rider Combination or Candidate' to win the highest honors. IN FACT --it's the ONLY WAY!

I will add this:

When reading and practicing from a dressage book --many years ago, I learned by practice.  The one great test  I ask of a rider --to see what they really know --to see where I have to start teaching from, is to ask them to simply:

1.) walk a free walk  2.) Halt   3.) Stand still  4.)  Then, BACK!  5.) Simply walk off again --to another HALT!

It's a very simple test that shows me where that rider is --in their understanding of the horse and riding --at any level.

When those lessons are understood and conquered, you will have learned --how to:


 It's that constant battle between 'HUMAN CONTROL ISSUES' VS --FEEL & FLOW!

Rose at the Barn  [BTW you get scored on the test 1-10]

NOTE: Many years ago when at the racetrack in Timonium Maryland, I was at the paddock looking for a 'winner' and I saw that horse.  I knew!  I went to the rail as the horses went onto the racetrack.  Beau Brooks --the Resident Trainer at Sagamore Farms stood at my right.  I saw him and said as they entered the racetrack: "That's the winner right there'.  He said:  "No way.  That's a filly, running against all boys".  Then I said:  "She will beat the pants off of those boys" --because I knew!  Well, she won by 5 lengths!  He then surpisingly looked at me and asked: "How did you do that?"  All I could say was "She told me".  I just smiled!

There IS a KNOWING between 'Spiritual Beings' that bypasses all other attempts at understanding!  Many horses I have grown to know --also know that I Do understand what others do not --and they tell me this all the time --even in 2015-6  and I realize and always knowsay:

''This is a 'Sacred Privilege"!   Rose Foreman

Many call this Whispering.  I know better!  It's that ability to just --Listen!.

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