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From Fresh Start Riding Program  


1.)  Sunday was great!!!!   I woke up today with no pain in my arms. Still can't get the walk right though! 3-05

2.)  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your day here.  I certainly learned a lot and learned also how much I don’t know!  You must be just awesome when ‘teaching’ a real class -not just future ‘consultants’.  It would take another lifetime to gain your knowledge/experience!!!  I definitely like the ‘bridle’ thing.  I did something like that before, but not in such a great detail. I just want to get/keep going and learning FASTER!!  HA!  Too bad you are so far away!  I would like to be with you someday!!!   3-05


 BTW...I'm still only on page 10 of your workbook.....?????....i can't even imagine what  more there is, and  Rose,  You've accomplished what you set out to do...haven't you.  ("...I'm a happier person....")  I'm now getting the help I've needed all along and you facilitated that.

 Upper New Jersey --  

I thought I knew basic horsemanship and becoming one with the horse but, you took it to another level.  You have released some of my fears and that was quite an accomplishments, in such a small amount of time.  I forgot how much fun it is just to be around horses. I felt great to ride both horses.  I was beginning to think I never would ride again because of repressed fears.  Rose, we would like to take the next step on the wondrous journey with you. Please call me and tell me when you can come again.  L. J  April 2004 (--first visit)


I always prided myself on knowing how to ride and be able to get a horse to do what I wanted --mostly.

Somehow, I always reached a plateau and became bored, frustrated or afraid because I was battling my will with my horses natural instincts.  When I reached that plateau or wanted to go up to another level, I failed miserably.

The program has deepened my connection of understanding of  my horses emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

It has raised the level of being 'in the ZONE, one with my horse, considerably.

I am gaining confidence, and overcoming fear every moment working with Rose Foreman and her program.  Before starting any disipline of riding, I strongly suggest undertaking her program to gain connection with horse and rider.  I now feel much safer, happier, and free to take direction or task asked by Rose.  L. J.  (second visit)


I must mention that it was with anticipation that I began the 'Soft Touch' program with Rose.  I did not know what to expect, but I had expectation of learning a lot.  I did get to learn a lot, even beyond expectation.  Every lesson flowed from one moment to the next.  Rose would start with a simple dialog, and turned it into a lesson with visual, linked to a hands on exercise with or without the horses.  As a student I watched others and myself transform through Rose's gentle guidance.

Amazingly I watched as others all 'got' what was a process of self-discovery through learning about horsemanship.  Rose taught with humor and experience.  E. W. April 2004


(This is from a very bright young woman who studies way too much.  It actually effects her body behavior.)

A 15 yr old.  My thoughts and feelings about this program was that it was great.  It was different from an "average" riding program.  You went beyond mentally, to really make me think about things.  I was fascinated by what you were saying and explaining.  I learned a lot about myself too.  I learned that I am extremely tense and it shows.  I let myself over analyze things when it was just unnecessary to do.  I learned that I just "go with the flow" instead of trying to figure something out, I over analyze it and just drive myself crazy thinking about it.  I need to incorporate what I have learned through this wonderful program into everyday situations, such as school, friends, family, etc.  I now have a new  perspective for riding.  Lisa (Day one)

Today I learned that if I just stop thinking about every little thing inside my head and focus on what I need to be thinking, I can accomplish it.  I need to just clear everything out of my head and stop worrying so much.  I also learned that I should be more aware of what could happen in a dangerous situation.  I learned how I can be safer in that sort of situation.  I learned if I just relax and stop doubting myself, I can accomplish anything.  Lisa (Day-two)


[This young woman is about to graduate, getting her degree for becoming a therapist. (day one)]  She is Lisa's sister, another very intelligent with the same physical issues, especially with the hands, an interesting dilemma --for continued study, and writing on the website)

When first arriving to participate in this program, I felt uncertain and did not know what to expect.  The subject/topics that were going to be introduced appeared vague and mysterious in nature.  As we continued to participate in the first activity, I felt reluctant, unsure and afraid, standing inside the stall next to the horse that scared me because he was so large. I knew that I did not know how to place a halter on a horse, (never had) and was sure that I was going to make a mistake.  I felt surprised, and shocked myself when I had somehow placed the harness on the horse.

The second activity frustrated me and I felt that I could not give up the bridle and give it to someone else until I had figured it out.  I felt that I was close to figuring it out however, thought that I would be taking too much of the groups time if I has spent additional time with it.

The third activity (placing the bridle on the horse) frustrated me again because it appeared easy however was difficult for me to do.  I was scared and grossed out to stick my hand in the horse's mouth!  While conducting this activity I found myself zoning out and not paying close attention to the coach.  I feel that I some how lost interest at this time.

The last activity that I participated in for the day (on the horse) integrated, facinated, relaxed and made me feel sad.  At first I felt that I was having a surreal moment ~ simply preparing to get up on a horse.  I was in shock and could not believe I was doing this because I feared not throwing my leg over the horses back and slipping off once on him.  I thoroughly enjoyed this experience because it has allowed me to see first hand that despite how tense, anxious and afraid I can be at times, I can relax and let myself go into a moment by centering myself with my breath and allowing my muscles to relax.  *This was a powerful moment for me because I realized that if I was able to become calm in such an alarming situation, then I have the potential to change my anxiety responses in other situations that arise that appear stressful. Lori

By the second day of this program I felt less fearful and more comfortable with the horses.  I still felt a sense of fear however, it was not as significant as compared to yesterday.  At first when Rose described the schedule of events that were going to take place today (Lisa and I getting on the horses again and going outside to ride)  I did not feel a sense of anxiety come up, however, I thought back to yesterday and felt trust in myself, the horse and the coach,  This trust eased me through my anxious feelings.

While riding outside I again felt a feeling of disbelief (that I was actually riding a horse outside)  I felt a great sense of freedom once riding around and looking outward into the distance. Lori


NE OHIO.     

May 17, 2004

Rose: I have owned my horse for almost 5 years now, he is an Arabian/Morgan mix. When I first got him, he would like to buck people off, spook at the slightest little thing and was basically unsafe. Boy, did I have some rides. I took lessons for awhile, have done a lot of reading on horses and taken night school classes, but most of all just spent a lot of time with him. Our connection got stronger, but I knew deep down inside there was something we were missing. You see, I refuse to conform or believe in traditional methods. So, I would take what I had learned and combine it with what felt right and although, Blackjack and I have come a long way in the past five years basically on instinct and what felt right to me, we needed more.

The two days you spent with us were truly incredible. Yes, the program starts off extremely slow and at points I thought, what am I doing. But then we rode, bareback on the second day. Something I have never done for more than 5 minutes. Everything started to fall in place. Even though, we may think "we know how to do this", you’re methods are different and natural. Natural for the horse and natural for the person. I realize the great importance of taking such slow baby steps, I also realize that I came away from those two days with a better connection with my horse and incredibly relaxed. I feel that I came further in those two days then I did in a month of "riding lessons"

My husband, who was skeptical and not interested in taking the program, has since changed his mind, since your visit with us. His is a true testimony to what the program is capable of, as he suffers from a closed brain injury.

I am excited and look forward to completing all of your programs, and becoming a Coach/Consultant, so that I can help others experience its incredible results. I presently have custody of three children that came from foster care and are suffering so many things from what they have been through. It is one of my goals to use the program to help them and other children like them. I also plan on using horses that no else wants, to prove that they still to have a purpose. The possibilities of who can benefit from the programs are unlimited.

People around me have never understood the connection I have with horses and animals. I tried explaining this to others, however they just did not get it. YOU DID!! You not only understood what I have been trying to explain for years, but you have taken it further and developed it into so much more. You have made great sacrifices to do this all on your own. My hat is off to you. You have developed a truly natural connection with horses that can benefit anybody and found a way to pass it on to others. Anything we can do, to help, just let us know, we are behind you all the way. What you offer can truly change the quality of everyone’s life, horse or human.

B. J. --Ohio



How do I explain to people what a great program this is? Well lets start with me I was in an auto accident, now I have trouble sleeping, memory loss, anger and a hole list of other things. My wife saw your ad a few years ago and looked into it, sounded like nice idea, but not in our schedule so when she saw your ad again few months back looked into it again and had you come out. Now I wasn’t really into it, but when you were here you and my wife talked me into it and I’m glad you did with all the problems I have with my mind and body, I didn’t really think your program (soft touch) would help me, but I did it. Your teaching of this program helped in a number of ways, the headache have lessened, the body is healing, and most of all it gives me a focus again on working with the horses. I have a background in the medical field, trucking, computers office work. And with my knowledge of all these I think this program can do wonders for children, adults people from every walk of life Physically/ mentally challenged, marriage problems, battered or just anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, horses or life.

The only thing I could tell people who are interested in the natural aspects of the horse and their relationship with them is to take a hard look at your program; and to participate in some fashion either as a rider or consultant or whatever the lord lays on there heart to do. There are so many aspects of this program that any and everybody could help, from finding unwanted horses that still have many years left; to supporting a horse, a child, and even adults that have things wrong with them and even healthy people that just don’t have the few dollars it would take a person for gas, which brings up a another idea not everybody has a car or can even drive. People that have no interest in riding could help others with transportation, Volunteering to help with horse care, clean up. Or even just be there to cheer a student on. I could go on and on. So I better close for now.

Richard  /Equine Natural Hoof Technician/Lameness Prevention Specialist  --Ohio

 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  Matthew 18:20


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